Digital Mindfulness

How can we find happiness and meaning in the digital age?

Digital technology has transformed our world, bringing huge benefits. But as we become more reliant on tech, we need to understand how it affects our overall well-being.

At this special event, happiness expert Amy Blankson will share unique insights to help you unlock the full potential of technology while also maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

Digital distraction can undermine our mental health and we often find ourselves mindlessly checking our phones at all times of the day (and night!). Instead of tech getting in the way, Amy will encourage us to become "digitally-enhanced optimists"! We can consciously use our tech in ways that bring greater happiness and meaning to our lives.

Amy will explain how to cultivate digital mindfulness and approach life with more clarity and purpose. Her practical hacks include how to move from partial attention to full intention, how to overcome digital distractions and how to find calm even in the midst of constant connectivity. Her proven strategies will help you to not just survive - but to actually thrive - in the digital age.

This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at a live Action for Happiness event on the 8th June 2023.

About The Speaker

Amy Blankson is a happiness researcher, CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute and bestselling author of The Future of Happiness. She's a graduate of Harvard and the Yale School of Management and the only person to receive a Point of Light award from two US Presidents. She is also a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, a Fellow of the World Innovation Organization, a featured professor in Oprah’s happiness e-course, and a regular contributor to Forbes. Her current work focuses on how to cultivate happiness and well-being in the digital era. Amy has helped hundreds of organizations to create a positive culture and learn how to thrive in an ever-changing and hyperconnected world.

Oh, and you might also know her as "Amy the Unicorn", from her brother Shawn Achor's infamous TEDx talk on the science of happiness!

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