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Vanessa King
10 Keys to Happier Living Book
Find out more in this fantastic book from psychology expert Vanessa King,
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Schools Toolkit
The Keys to Happier Living Toolkit is an engaging, accessible and evidence-based programme to promote the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children aged 5-11
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Roxy Manning
Deeper Connections
How can we cultivate real vitality in our relationships and create deeper connections?
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Matthieu Ricard
Happiness & Loving Kindness
How can we live in a way which cultivates inner peace and contributes to a happier world, especially in difficult times?
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Darryl Edwards
Actively Happier
Movement is great for our wellbeing - but how can we make it fun and part of our daily routine?
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Shawn Achor
Happiness & Success
What can we do to be happier, achieve more and navigate the challenges in our world?
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Jodie Jackson
You Are What You Read
What impact does the news have on our mental health and how can we can take a more conscious and constructive approach to our media diet?
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Dr Mark Williamson
Making Life Happier
How to make life happier? For ourselves and others around us too.
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Dr Rupy Aujla
Food & Wellbeing
How can our daily lifestyle and nutrition choices help us leader healthier, longer and happier lives?
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Graham Allcott
Beyond Busy
Practical, and potentially life-changing, ways to feel calmer, get “beyond busy” and rediscover the joy in everyday life.
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Dr David Hamilton
How to be happier & change the world with kindness
Exploring the amazing power of kindness and self-love to transform our lives
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Helen Russell
Happiness secrets from around the world
A trip around the world to discover the secrets of happiness from 30 countries.
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Mo Gawdat
Solving the Happiness Equation
Mo has discovered that happiness follows a predictable equation and has distilled this into practical actions which are relevant to all.
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Helen Russell
Why Sadness Matters
Could learning how to embrace sadness actually help us be happier in the long run?
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Sian Williams
Resilience & Recovery
How can we find our own path to recovery after traumatic events?
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Happiness Posters
Free downloadable posters you can use anywhere
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