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Jo Marchant
How your mind can heal your body
Exploring the amazing links between our minds and bodies
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Matthieu Ricard & Professor Wolf Singer
Beyond The Self
Insights from Buddhism and neuroscience to help us live happier and more compassionate lives
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Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Lifestyle, health & happiness
How to relax, eat, move and sleep our way to a healthier and happier life?
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Natasha Devon
Mental Health: why it matters and what we can do
What really matters for good mental health?
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Gretchen Rubin
Happiness, habits & personality types
What's your personality type?
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Leon Logothetis
The Kindness Diaries
How to ignite goodwill and transform lives?
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Jeff Sachs
Creating a happier world
What is happening with social trust and inequality in the West? And how can we put things right?
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Meik Wiking
Secrets of the world's happiest people
Evidence, stories and tips from the very happiest corners of the planet
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Claudia Hammond
Money and Happiness
How can we use our money in ways that make us happier?
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Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindful Living
An inspiring evening with the 'father of modern mindfulness'
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Dan Goleman
From Mindfulness to Action
Exploring the latest scientific research about Mindfulness
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Professor Paul Gilbert
How can we put compassion into practice to create happier lives?
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Dr Itai Ivtzan and Dr Tim Lomas
Positive Psychology 2.0 - new ideas for happier living
How can we learn to harness our difficult experiences and feelings to cope better and get more out of life?
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Matthew Brown
Worry less, achieve more, love what you do
Practical ways to feel calmer, get more done and rediscover the joy in everyday life
   Video
Leo Johnson, Ruth Rogers, Shamash Alidina, Vicky Johnson and Steph Wheeler
Creating Happiness Together
The journey from “me” to “we” and how to create more happiness together
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Ed Halliwell
Into the heart of Mindfulness
Practical ways we can become more appreciative of the joys – and cope better with the stresses – of daily life
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